I am a high school teacher; I see the tremendous impact education has on people – but I am writing to tell you about the impact it had on me. It saved my life! 15-40 Connection’s 3 Steps Detect education saved my life.

Last November, I started noticing some health changes. I remembered the 15-40 Connection education program brought to my high school. Its 3 Steps Detect education told us that if subtle health changes persist two weeks or more, we should share with a doctor…I argued with myself …OK, but it’s really subtle, couldn’t it wait? I finally decided to consult my doctors and ultimately learned that if I had waited even two years, I could have had full blown colon cancer.

The survival rate for colon cancer when it is detected early is 91%.  When it is detected late, the survival rate plummets to 16%. I was going to wait. I am so very grateful that 15-40 Connection came to our school with this education before it was too late. Thank you 15-40 Connection.

Carolyn Somma

Passionate educator, West Boylston Middle/Senior High School

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The statistics are staggering – 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime*.  At Carolyn’s school there are nearly 500 students. That means over 200 will cancer at some point in the future and with 3 Steps Detect, they can play a role in saving their own lives. Early detection is the best medicine for cancer.

15-40 Connection provides its 3 Steps Detect education FREE to high schools, universities, and community organizations. We can’t continue to do this without you. Help us get this medicine in the hands of people like Carolyn and her students. Help save lives.

*American Cancer Society, Cancer Facts & Figures 2017. Atlanta: American Cancer Society; 2017.


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