Together we will continue to save lives.

Thanks to YOU—our supporters—we are saving lives by teaching people how to detect cancer early. With the help of cancer survivors like Caitlin, Asa, and John, we make early cancer detection as easy as possible. We sort through all of the complexity and bring you a simple three-step plan to identify early warning signs, to know when to take action, and to have the right conversation with your healthcare providers.

40% of Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. In the past year, we have taught 15,000 people (firefighters, students and adults) how to recognize important health changes. Therefore, 6,000 people now have the lifesaving strategy they will need to beat cancer.

We are poised to deliver our educational programs across the country and despite this pandemic, we can’t lose our momentum!

While the annual 15-40 Connection Gala, Auction and Golf Tournament is our biggest fundraiser of the year, because we prioritize health and safety, we have made the difficult decision to CANCEL our marquee event this year.

To offset the financial impact from the event cancellation, we are launching the Momentum Fund, with a goal of $750,000, which will ensure our ability to deliver our lifesaving 3 Steps DetectSM education to thousands of people in the coming year. The Momentum Fund will fuel three key programs.

Key Initiatives



3 Steps DetectSM is a vitally important “missing piece” needed to help reduce cancer mortality in the fire service. We deliver lifesaving training to firehouses in a variety of formats to allow all members access to this education. We work with departments to ensure everyone receives 3 Steps DetectSM training. Detecting cancer early can be the difference between life and death.

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By taking our 3 Steps DetectSM training and building a comprehensive, industry-leading eLearning Platform, we have the opportunity to scale our education in a way never before possible.

  • Houses all 15-40 Connection Curriculum, videos and learning activities
  • Brings the power of early cancer detection to an engaging online learning experience
  • Easy to use interface
  • Instant learning feedback and data collection

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Online Learning


15-40 Connection educates students, faculty, and staff with the lifesaving advantage of early cancer detection. Our high-impact educational programs take place in a variety of settings in high schools and colleges, from small classroom presentations to auditoriums filled with students. We offer Train-the-Trainer programs, live webinars, and in-person panel presentations with survivor speakers who share information about the health changes they experienced prior to their cancer diagnosis.

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Cancer continues to wreak havoc on our lives. Because cancer does not stop, and because now more than ever, people need to be empowered to recognize health changes, 15-40 seeks donor support for the Momentum Fund so we can continue teaching health education that saves lives.

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