Michael Bodge Tribute Fund

Giving others the lifesaving power of early cancer detection

Let’s Not Lose Any More Mikes

Like many people, Mike didn’t know how to recognize cancer symptoms. The Michael Bodge Tribute Fund is empowering generations with the lifesaving advantage of early cancer detection by funding training for high school and university students, and community groups.

Thanks to the generosity of donors to 15-40 Connection, more than 8,700 high school and college students learned  3 Steps DetectSM in the first year following Mike’s death.  Help us continue to share our lifesaving early cancer detection education in memory of Mike.

Michael and Meg Bodge

Michael Bodge
Sept. 21, 1990-April 27, 2019

Mike like many others, didn’t know how to recognize cancer symptoms. His testicular cancer was detected too late. He passed away at 28 years old. Helping others was one of Mike’s core values, so his family set up the Michael Bodge Tribute Fund to help 15-40 Connection teach people how to detect cancer early. Read about  Mike’s cancer journey.


Help Young Adults Beat Cancer

3 Steps DetectSM Education

“Mike Bodge embodied kindness, selflessness, courage and strength. The way people come together to improve the lives of today’s students is inspiring.”

Jane O. Lizotte, Ed.D.Assistant Superintendent for Community Partnerships and Well-Being, Shrewsbury Public Schools

“Early detection is so key because it really can save lives.”

Meg LennonMichael Bodge's wife

“The stories shared are relevant, engaging, and insightful. The presentation last year had a personal impact on me. I recently used the ‘2-Week Rule’ to check on a health change.”

Carl Corazziniteacher and coach, St. Mark's School, Southborough, Mass.

“This was a great way to look at a fearful topic. It’s important to have a plan and know what to do if you notice health changes to take some of the fear out of it.”

Faculty memberBlackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical School

“This is informational—it prepares students for what to do and takes some of the fear out of cancer.”

Ernest AbramianHealth teacher, Pioneer Valley Regional High School, Northfield, Mass.

“Mike's family believes he fell victim to a common ideology among younger people that he was too young and healthy to have a serious illness, such as cancer.”

The Bodge Family