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Give your team the gift of life-saving knowledge and a roadmap to early cancer detection.

The greatest value of early detection is saving and improving lives. However, early detection also reduces healthcare costs for your employees and your organization.

40% of Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Catching it early is life saving and significantly reduces healthcare costs for your employees and your organization.

2 in 5 people diagnosed

15-40 Connection provides comprehensive and easy-to-access workplace wellness training that empowers employees with the life-saving benefit of early cancer detection.

Program Options

  • On-Demand eLearning: An interactive, self-paced eLearning platform offering access to our core curriculum, 3 Steps DetectSM, and related micro-courses. Dynamic, easy to use, and an accessible in a remote environment.
  • Live Presentations: In-person, facilitated program to teach Steps DetectSM. Option for panel featuring cancer survivors who share their lessons learned. Best for groups larger than 20 people. Hosted at your site.
  • Live Webinars and Digital Lunch & Learns: Live-hosted presentation with interactive activities and engaged learning. Employees can participate from anywhere via various platforms, including Zoom, WebEx, or your in-house system.
  • Health Tracker Tool: Post-training tool available for all participants. Set health benchmarks and use reports to share with their healthcare providers.
  • Supplemental Education Materials: Integrate 15-40 messaging into internal emails, company health blogs, print materials, and more.


We know that social distancing guidelines make group training tricky, so we will work with you to schedule small group sessions, even if it takes multiple presentations to reach your entire department over several days. 15-40 Connection is following all safety guidelines for in-person training. Our staff members are equipped with a facemask and will remain at a social distance during the presentation. If possible, we ask that this presentation take place in a large space or a well ventilated area to align with the social distancing guidelines.


Check with your insurance carrier to see if they subsidize this wellness education. This life-saving benefit could come at no cost to your company.

Workplace training options start at only $500. To bring this life-saving education to your workforce, please contact us; or call Alec Ebert at 617-257-1462.

15-40 Connection President and Medical Advisor publish scholarly paper: “The Clinical and Economic Impact of the Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer,” in the American University Washington Law School Health Law and Policy Brief,  which highlights the key role of 3 Steps Detect in empowering patients for best health outcomes. LINK TO PAPER


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