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Starting a New Cancer Conversation in schools

15-40 Connection is educating students with the lifesaving advantage of early cancer detection through presentations at schools and colleges.

Presentations take place in a variety of settings, from small classroom presentations to auditoriums full of students. They typically include 15-40 Connection survivor speakers who share information about the health changes they experienced and the obstacles they had to overcome before they were diagnosed with cancer.

Discussing implications of early cancer detection on future patients with PA and EMS students at Springfield College.
The College of the Holy Cross hosted an ‘Orange Out’ during a men’s basketball game to empower their fellow students and community with early cancer detection.

Here’s what students are saying:

  • I will for sure take any of my reoccurring changes in my health more seriously.
  • I never thought about the symptoms of cancer. I am so athletic that I think that I am invincible, but today I realized that I am not.
  • I actually have an injury right now and I am seeing a doctor tomorrow about it. Now there is no way that I’m leaving tomorrow until I know what’s wrong with me. Thank you!
  • These presentations gave me the confidence to speak up if I think something (with my health) is wrong.

Here’s what teachers are saying:

  • I love working with 15-40 Connection because it delivers such a valuable message to my students who are approaching the age where they are now responsible for their own health. They learn so much about knowing themselves and their bodies, and about being their own best advocate. The lessons 15-40 brings to my classroom reach so far beyond just cancer awareness; I really feel that the 15-40 speakers instill life-long knowledge that will benefit my students for years to come.

Jill Carter Science teacher at Shrewsbury High School

Starting a New Cancer Conversation in the workplace

15-40 Connection partners with workplace wellness programs and helps companies empower their employees with the lifesaving benefit of early cancer detection in a variety of ways, including:

  • Distribution of educational material
  • Survivor presentations
  • “Lunch and Learn” sessions
  • Incorporating 15-40 Connection’s early cancer detection messaging into internal correspondence (bulletin boards, company health blogs, internal e-newsletters, etc.)
15-40 Connection Goes on the Road to Bring the New Cancer Conversation to 5 National Grid locations
15-40 Connection Joins the ‘Broadies with Cancer’ to Empower Early Cancer Detection at the Broad Institute


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