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Bring 3 Steps DetectSM Education to Your Community

Through educational programs that highlight the real stories of young adult cancer survivors, 3 Steps Detect teaches audiences strategies for early detection. 15-40 Connection offers multiple comprehensive educational formats catered to the unique setting of your school or workplace.




Here’s what students are saying:

  • “I will for sure take any of my reoccurring changes in my health more seriously.”
  • “I never thought about the symptoms of cancer. I am so athletic that I think that I am invincible, but today I realized that I am not.”
  • “I actually have an injury right now and I am seeing a doctor tomorrow about it. Now there is no way that I’m leaving tomorrow until I know what’s wrong with me. Thank you!”
  • “These presentations gave me the confidence to speak up if I think something (with my health) is wrong.”

Here’s what employees are saying:

  • “I want to thank 15-40 Connection for sharing this program with our school. I delivered the lesson to my 11th grade classes and it was very well received. I find it user-friendly and the format keeps high school students engaged…which can be a challenge.”

Jan Cohn, Teacher, Norwood High School

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of 15-40 Connection?

To improve cancer survival rates by teaching people how to detect it early.  Early diagnosis is the best medicine for cancer.  Our 3 Steps Detect program teaches people to recognize early warning signs of cancer and how to work with doctors to accelerate the process that leads to diagnosis and to receive the most effective care.

How is 15-40 Connection different from other organizations?

15-40 Connection focuses on the path that leads to diagnosis. To detect cancer early, patients play a critically important role and 15-40 Connection teaches and empowers people to do this. Reducing delays in diagnosis and diagnosing cancer early can greatly increase your chances of survival. It’s an advantage we want everybody to have.

Why is this education important?

Nearly 40% of the US population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime (that’s 10 out of every 25 people).  As the World Health Organization stated succinctly in its 2017 Guide to Early Cancer Diagnosis.

Early diagnosis improves cancer outcomes by providing the greatest likelihood of successful treatment, at lower cost and with less complex interventions.

How can I get involved?

Your voice has power. You can help teach people how to detect cancer early. Share 15-40 Connection’s 3 Steps Detect. If you’re a teacher or wellness professional, ask us about our train the trainer program. Connect us to your school or organization. Donate to 15-40 Connection or hold a fundraiser. Funds raised will help us teach others and develop additional education tools. I you have had cancer, share you story so people can learn from your experience.

How can I bring 15-40 Connection education to my high school, university or workplace?

Contact us , Tell us about your organization and we can determine the best way to bring 15-40 Connection to your school or workplace.


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