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A little about us

15-40 Connection is driving a New Cancer Conversation to improve cancer survival rates with our 3 Steps to Early Detection, developed to help people recognize warning signs of cancer early and work with a doctor to receive the most effective health care.

Why 15-40 Connection?

Number 1
Because we don’t talk about cancer the same way we talk about other diseases.

When we do, it saves lives. Just as death rates fell dramatically when the medical community identified smoking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure as risk factors, a new conversation about how to recognize the early warning signs of cancer can cause life-saving changes.

Number 2
Because increased awareness saves lives.

Since increased awareness of the risk factors for heart disease and stroke by physicians—and increased awareness of symptoms by the public—death rates from cardiovascular diseases have fallen by almost 50 percent, while death rates from stroke have fallen by 60 percent since 1970.**

Number 3
Because delayed diagnosis is preventable.

Since 1975, improvements in cancer survival rates for 15 to 40 year-olds have continuously lagged behind all other age groups. Delayed diagnosis is a major culprit of this shocking statistic.

The 15-40 Team

Jim Coghlin
Founder & Chief Volunteer

Tricia Scannell Laursen
President & Executive Director

Our Medical Advisors

Karen Albritton, MD
Cook Children’s Medical Center – Fort Worth, TX

Peter Deckers, MD
Dean Emeritus, UConn School of Medicine – Farmington, CT


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