Empower yourself with a life-saving advantage.


You’re the expert on your own health.

No one knows your health like you do! It’s your awareness, your voice, and your actions that can help you recognize cancer symptoms early, and take steps to give yourself a life saving advantage.

“Never give up when advocating for your health”

Paige Mustain Duodenal Cancer At 27

“Don’t let embarrassment stop you from getting the correct diagnosis”

Candy MejiaOvarian Cancer at 15
The 3 Steps

Follow these simple steps and start taking control of your health today.


Remember What Great Feels Like

Knowing how you feel when you’re at your best will help you notice small changes in your overall health that could be signs of larger health problems. That means paying attention to your energy level, sleep patterns, weight, skin, and bathroom habits on a regular basis.

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Use The 2-Week Rule

If you notice a subtle change in your normal health that lasts two weeks or more, it’s time to call your doctor and learn what is causing the changes. While not every change is cause for concern, seeing a doctor after two weeks will not cause harm—waiting could.

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Share With Your Doctor

Taking action and talking to your doctor about small health changes is your best pathway to earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment. It’s important to communicate openly and honestly so you and your doctor together can make the most informed decisions, and get you back to full health. Even if it’s a hard or embarrassing conversation to have, what’s most important is getting the best care possible.

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