Our Falmouth Road Race team raised $9,836!!

On August 19, our 10 charity runners for Team 15-40 Connection took on the world-famous, challengingly hilly Falmouth Road Race out on Cape Cod.

Our runners donned orange-and-black race jerseys that raised awareness for 15-40 Connection, but the energy it took to run the 7.1-mile Falmouth course paled in comparison to their efforts during the previous months to raise awareness and funding for our 3 Steps Detect education programs.

Each and every runner reached their $750 fundraising target and their advocacy on 15-40 Connection’s behalf will help us make 2018 another record-breaking year for teaching people how to identify and act on potential cancer symptoms.

There is still time to show support for 15-40 Connection and our runners, as just a few small donations will allow us to reach our $10,000 group fundraising goal. YOU can play a role in helping to save lives. Make a donation here, or click on our runners’ pictures to visit their individual fundraising pages.

Jessica Kemp – raised $1,611

“I’ve seen family members, classmates, and loved ones of those I love suffer, and because of that, I feel strongly about taking the necessary steps in detecting cancer as early as possible. To me, supporting 15-40 Connection goes way beyond the seven miles run during this road race. Our support will reach the 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women who at some point in their lives will be diagnosed with cancer.” – Jessica

Lindsey Echevarria – raised $1,050

“I am honored to run for team 15-40. When I first read about what 15-40 is all about I feel like I could connect in a way. I have seen too many friends and family get ‘the news.’ It’s heartbreaking to find out someone you know has cancer and anyone for that matter. Early detection is in fact lifesaving. If everyone could know their symptoms then there could be a better chance of not having to say goodbye to your loved one.” – Lindsey

Kerri Paquette – raised $1,000

“The 15-40 Connection’s message is important to me as a cancer survivor and someone who knows the importance of detecting disease early. Not only has the 15-40 helped make my cancer diagnosis into a positive experience by giving back, I’ve also used their messaging to detect skin cancer on my face years after my breast cancer treatment. Knowing your body well enough to recognize subtle changes is the first step in early detection and is often overlooked!” – Kerri

Daniel Cobill – raised $940

“Cancer has had a large impact on my personal and professional life. Most recently, I lost my grandmother, and an amazing young student as well have lost my grandfather-in-law, aunt and two very good family friends to cancer. If my fundraising for 15-40 can help save one individual’s life by educating about early detection then I’d be extremely happy.” – Daniel

Dominic Sestito – raised $925

“My mum passed away at 67 years old from cancer. She had kidney cancer which metastasized to the bone. She was at the gym working out and broke a rib lifting weights! Her bone was so weak it broke when a 10-pound dumbbell hit her rib cage. How does it get that bad before being detected? I feel she may have had a much better chance had the cancer been detected when it was in the kidney.” – Dominic

Dan Young – raised $880

Marianna Cesareo – raised $835

“I decided to run for the 15-40 connection because as an oncology nurse. I want to help educate people how to detect cancer early and how to listen to their bodies and recognize when something might be wrong.  As a Worcester native now living in Philadelphia, it is my hope to bring this organization to Philly so we can reach even more people with the 3 Steps Detect. I can only hope that as we spread the message of the 15-40 Connection, we can save more lives.” – Marianna

Nikki Connors – raised $800

“I am honored to be running in the Falmouth Road Race on behalf of 15-40 Connection. Supporting any organization for cancer is my pleasure. I’ve had many friends and loved ones that have either fought, won or lost the battle of cancer. So for me that’s one cause I’m more than happy to be a part of.” – Nikki

Susan Bourque – raised $750

“I am passionate about 15-40 Connection’s mission to educate people about early detection signs, because I have seen the benefits of this firsthand. A close friend sought answers to some unusual physical symptoms and she learned she had a very early staged cancer. She has gone through treatment and is now fully recovered in large part because of how early the cancer was detected. I am honored to support this worthy cause!” – Susan

Diane McLoughlin – raised $1,045

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