Early cancer detection saves lives!
Your best chance is YOU!

If you have never thought about what a cancer symptom could be, you’re not alone. But being able to spot the first warning signs of cancer can dramatically increase your chance of survival.

Since 1975, cancer survival rates for people between the ages of 15 and 40 have barely improved in large part because of delayed diagnosis. 15-40 Connection is driving a new cancer conversation to change this by empowering you with the lifesaving advantage of early cancer detection. #bestchance

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Unfortunately, your body can't text you to tell you when something is wrong. However, it can give you signs such as health changes. Things like changes in energy level, sleep patterns, weight, and bathroom habits are all your body's way of saying "we need to talk." Are you listening? Learn how you can have a better relationship with your body and listen to what it's trying to tell you: www.newcancerconversation.org ... See MoreSee Less

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